Answer: To rent a motorcycle or scooter can citizens over the age of 18 years.

Answer: If you do not have a license to drive a motorcycle (category A1), then you can take advantage of the service motorcycle rental with driver, in which you can feel the speed in safety because our drivers have many years of experience riding motorcycles. This service is very popular as a gift for girls!

Answer: You can pay for the rental of a vehicle by bank transfer or in cash.

Answer: To rent a motorcycle, we sign a rental agreement, the motorcycle is inspected and an acceptance report is drawn up. You pay the deposit and the rental fee. At the end of the rental, the motorcycle is handed back, a certificate of acceptance is signed and the deposit is returned.

Answer: The final amount of the deposit will depend on the model of the motorcycle being rented. The deposit must be paid at the time of signing the contract. If all the conditions of the contract are fulfilled successfully, after returning the vehicle, it will be returned to the renter.

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